Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garden Update

We are finally getting some real veggies from our garden and we are so excited!! The first plants that sprouted were the snap peas. For almost a month we collected a few handfuls of peas every other day or so. The kids ate them up as fast as we could pick them!

The next veggies that are going to be ready are the peppers:

And I think the cucumbers will be right behind them.

The carrots are still growing like a forest. I looked online and I read that they are ready to be picked when you can see a little orange poking up from the ground. Still nothing doing there...

I'm still on the fence with the zucchinis... The leaves are growing like crazy - really huge!

But bugs are eating all them up! Before they are big enough to pick, the tops of them get attacked by little bugs and then they turn brown and shrivel up. Help! Has this happened to you? I'd rather not use any pesticide, but I don't want to lose all those veggies...

In other garden-related news, my hubby went out and got a box for the hose so it's easier to store and looks a little neater. I guess I can take off the sticker now... :-)

Now I just need to figure out what to do about the old hook. (Don't mind the dead moss and patches of grass. We're still working on filling in all the bare spots in our yard and it's been record-breaking hot here so no point in planting any grass seed...). It's bolted in to the bricks so it's gonna be fun to take it out and then there will be two holes left.... Any ideas guys?

What's been going on in the great outdoors by you? Anyone plant a veggie garden and get to eat from it yet?

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  1. Hi Lori! Here from A Lived In Home and now following :) I love your blog, wonderful articles and design too. Have a great week !

    Hugs, Tanya