Monday, May 21, 2012

The Garden is Growing!

I know I've been talking a lot about the landscaping and outside of our house (getting our trees cut down, landscaping touch ups, garden planting, etc.), but I guess it's just that time of year that all this type of work gets done! Things are slowly starting to look up around here.

The grass is finally starting to grow in where we formerly had tree stumps.


Now: (not sure why that big patch is a totally different color than the rest of the grass...)

I've been doing TONS of weeding. And finally got some more mulch to pretty up the front flower bed.



OK, so the azaleas are no longer blooming, but that mulch definitely improved the look of it. I also took some spare bricks we had lying around to edge the right side of the bed, giving it more of a finishing touch.

And look at how nicely the garden is growing.



You can see real plants and not just tiny little sprouts! I don't know what went wrong with our cucumber seeds, but only a few actually sprouted. The snap peas and carrots look great, and we've got about three zucchini plants that took. To be honest, since this is our first year, I wasn't sure if anything was going to grow so just seeing what we've got is so exciting. I must say that if you have young children, growing a vegetable garden is such an amazing project to create with them. There are so many benefits, not to mention the exercise and healthy foods they'll be eating from it, but the joy of seeing the fruits of their labor (pun intended!) is priceless.

Since I dragged my daughter to Home Depot with me to get the mulch, I told her she could pick out a flower for us to plant and this is what she wanted:

(It had just rained when I took these pictures so that's why everything looks wet.) After laying all the mulch, my back was quite sore and I didn't feel like digging around, so we just put the whole planter in the little indentation in the ground where the random daffodils used to live. She's happy so I'm happy!

What did you work on over the weekend?

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  1. Great job on the garden! Wish mine were growing like that! I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I hope you will stop by and do the same.


  2. lovely garden :) i can't wait to have one of my own! found you via the blog hop xo

  3. You're not kidding, it IS growing!! Amazing what a little mulch can do ... and how fun to see your garden veggies getting bigger. Thank you so much for sharing this at our party.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. The flower beds looks so so much better! And the grass is really coming in ... I think I need some tips for you on how you made that happen. What are those fabric cover things? See how technical I am?

    ... and so happy you linked up to our Great Outdoors link party!



  5. Neither my zucchini nor my cucumbers popped up at all. Your's look great!

  6. WOW -- i am so impressed -- such a great job! do you have any "cures" for black thumbs??? : ) hugs and thanks for linking up to our mission possible party! : )

  7. I wish azaleas would bloom all year. Mine are done blooming....and now my hydrangeas are starting to bloom. Wonderful job on the garden. It looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking to our party!