Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Front Door

Right now our front door is blah white. We had it painted when we moved in a few years ago and it's really starting to look bad. The previous owners had a mail slot cut out of the door and that was one of the first things I wanted changed. Excuse me if I don't want random people to be able open a little slot and peek right into my house! I never quite understood that. Anyway, it's totally cracking around that seam where it was filled and it's just all-around dingy.

I found this street view picture of the house on google maps (the weather has been pretty stormy here so I haven't been able to go out and get a recent shot) - you can definitely see it's dated since it was taken before the big tree and bush massacre, new roof and storm door replacement. I guess it's gotta be at least a year old.

I was thinking of painting the door black since we have a lot of black/ORB "trimmings" in the front - light fixture, mail box, iron work around the porch, light post, railing, etc. I've seen so many gorgeous black doors floating around the web, but after doing a little photoshopping, I realized that was not the way to go. I need to go much bolder to make it stand out.

I tried a few other colors. This is Behr's Windjammer:

Behr's Bright Star:

And then I got to thinking of the classic red front door. Two amazing bloggers (Sherry and Katie) had success with that so I figured I'd give it a photoshop try.

This is Valspar's Fabulous Red that Sherry used:

And Valspar's Front Door Red that Katie used:

It's funny that these two colors are right next to each other on Valspar's palette (great bloggers think alike!). Although the color of my bricks is definitely closer to Sherry's, I'm thinking of going with Front Door Red.  Here's an enhanced picture with the new roof color, new storm door "installed," and pretty window boxes. I'm also kinda liking the shutters. One day... What do you think?

Of course I'm going to get swatches so I can compare them in person (rather than the computer screen) and may just get some others while I'm at it.

Please let me know what color you like best and if you have any different color suggestions, do share!!  What color is your front door?

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