Thursday, May 17, 2012

Target Shopping

One of (the many) things that my hubby has done good for me is getting me to join his gym right after we got married. (Un)fortunately, there is a Target located directly across the street so sometimes I take a detour over there after my workout. I actually need a few items the other day so I ran in while I was out there and I was wowed by some of the things I saw. (Pardon the cell phone pictures.)

Take this gray and white striped duvet: on sale for $25 (even 5% less with your redcard) which is strikingly similar to West Elm's duvet for $69.

And how about this comforter which is a great knock off of West Elm's pintuck duvet? Target's is $99.99 and West Elm's is $139 - not quite as drastic of a price difference as the striped duvet, but still much cheaper.

I then strolled down the furniture aisles and these ottomans caught my eye. The over-sized nail head trim on the bottom and the linen texture is beautiful and as an added bonus, you get storage inside! I also like the x-frame of the one below, but I already have too much brown in the house so it didn't make it to my wish list.

I swung around to the back to check out their seasonal section and drooled over their outdoor pillow selection. These are just two different pillows, but I'll take the loveseat, too! We don't hang around outside too much at night because the whole family is one big mosquito magnet, but there were so many different style lanterns that are perfect for al fresco dining.

I also noticed lots of mustard/ochre decor items. Am I last to know that it's the new "it" color? Check out these themed place mats, napkins, and table runner. So cute!!

And these lamps and shades, yes, please! I wish I had some place in the house that I could put them. I might just have to make a spot!

Regretfully, none of these came home with me. Just the few items that I actually came in for (a miracle in and of itself!).

What have you been eyeing at Target (or any other store) lately? Did you actually get to take anything home?

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  1. Good for you for making it home without anything on that list. I've been eyeing the striped duvets for my kids for awhile. I'm at Target at least twice a week :) Found you through the blog hop...hi!

  2. Aww man, I haven't been to target in over a year, I miss it!! I may have to bite the bullet and drive an hour to our nearest one after this post!

  3. Oh how I LOVE target. I am pretty sure I could take home that whole store! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty