Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Garland

Here's another great DIY project for fall that can really be adapted to any season or decor. I actually got the idea for this from my daughter's Highlights magazine. Go figure!

I adapted it somewhat and this is what I and my daughter created. Start out with these supplies that you probably have already.

Supplies: one piece of craft foam in color of your choice • tissue paper in a variety of colors • yarn, sisal, jute or any type of string of your choice (not shown) • craft glue (not shown)

Start by tracing circles across the entire piece of foam and cutting them out. I used (the inner circle) a roll of masking tape for mine.

Then cut your tissue paper into 1 inch squares.

Crinkle up the tissue paper as small as you can.

And glue them on to your circles in any shape you want. Since we were planning on hanging this in honor of Sukkot, we made fruits and vegetables on each circle.

You can use any other type of embellishments to enhance each circle.

We used pipe cleaners for the stems on many of ours.

After you've created the designs on each of the circles, use a hole-puncher to make a hole at the top of each one. Then string the sisal (or whatever you chose) and tie a knot after each circle so they stay in place.

Then hang it up wherever you'd like! Here it is hanging over our mantel-less fireplace.

And outside in our sukkah:

All in all, a great, easy project that even a seven-year-old can do did it!

Happy Fall!

p.s. See you after Sukkot!

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  1. Pinning this for next sukkot, super cute and my kids would adore this project! They just made strawberry basket sukkahs today out of nowhere. I tried to explain that the next holiday was Shavuot not Sukkot, but I think a big dairy mea is less exciting than decorating a sukkah and sleeping outside:)