Monday, March 5, 2012

Purim is Coming!

Sorry for the slow posting, but I have been crazy busy! I don't expect this to be a holiday that most (or any) of you are familiar with, but the Jewish holiday of Purim is coming up this week. (For a detailed explanation, check out wikipedia.) In a sentence: we commemorate the salvation of the Jews from the evil decree of Haman, which was brought about through Queen Esther. The story took place in Persia, around the 4th century BCE, but it is a miracle that we have celebrated ever since.

One of the customs of the day is distributing "mishloach manot," loosely translated as gift baskets of food, to family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc. and that's what I have been working on. My son is dressing up as a police officer/detective so we got these cute "briefcases" to use as the basket. Assembling them all was a job, that's for sure!

Thanks for sticking around and I'll be back with more great posts soon!

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