Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pantry Danger Zone

Warning: You are now entering the pantry, which has come to be known as the "Danger Zone" -- anything can fall down at any point without warning. Ahhh! How did it come to this?

This is not the primary place where we keep our food (though it may look otherwise), but it houses the overflow and things not used on a daily basis. It is actually the stairway to our attic and the previous owners of the house put in shelves and used it as storage. We don't use the attic for anything so it's not an inconvenience. The wood that you see in the top of the picture below has a handle and is a "hatch" that you can lift up to get into the attic, but we keep it closed all the time so the rest of the house is better insulated.

The previous owners also added these storage pieces on the back of the door which come in handy. 

This space wouldn't be half bad if it was actually used efficiently. And I didn't take a picture of our other food cabinet, but you can use your imagination.

There are so many gorgeous pantries out there and in my dream kitchen, we are definitely having a walk-in pantry, but this is what we have for now so I gotta make the best of it.

Here's some eye-candy of real pantries that real people use, instead of enormous pantries in houses that don't exist in my zip code.


I love all the clear storage, labels, baskets and overall organization. Let's see what this weekend brings. What projects do you have on your agenda?

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