Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mudroom Reveal

Alright, so when I left off, we had installed the outer "frame" of the board and batten. Next to go up were the vertical battens. My amazing brother-in-law continued to help out with the project (like bringing all his tools) and used his nifty L-square to make sure everything was straight.

My son loves to "help" and got in full worker-man gear and got out all of his tools :-) Can't forget the hard hat and goggles - safety first!

Then the horizontal wood piece for the hooks went up.

And finally the smaller battens on top. You can see that not everything is perfect and that's okay! That's why we have wood filler, putty, caulk, etc. You can also see that we had to notch out a little opening for the light switch and the dremel was really useful for that. I don't have a picture of it, but my brother-in-law used his router to make a nice "top/shelf" across the moulding, using a plain piece of wood. It was way cheaper than getting a piece of crown moulding and easier to install.

Here is the wall all patched and painted. It looks so much better already! Still on the to do list: replace beige light switch and cover with a white one, remove old hooks, figure out what to do with the fuse box and hang up new hooks.

Ta da! New light switch, new hooks installed, and new pictures to kill two birds with on stone. The first vertical frame covers up the fuse box. I used Command picture hanging strips so it is easily removable whenever we need to access the panel. And the second vertical frame covers up the screw holes from the old hooks. Plus, I get to see these beautiful pictures everyday when I come and go. It looks so pretty that I almost didn't want to hang anything up, but that would've defeated the purpose of this whole project, right?!

Here's what it looks like on a typical day, I'm keeping it real folks. Magazine worthy: no, but functional: definitely!

How do you organize and manage your entry way?

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  1. wow!! looks fabulous! I bet it makes you happy to see the finished product!!

  2. love reminds me of mine at my doorway. we just finished it too. found you on yhl.

  3. Looks awesome. I will be featuring it tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  4. Hi Lori! Saw that you are featured at House of Hepworths today and had to drop by your blog to take a better look! (Allison featured my easy French Gray Kitchen Towels as well, soooo exciting!!) So glad I found you! I am your newest follower.
    Please come visit my blog and say hello. I love comments and new followers, don’t we all :)
    Let’s keep in touch with GFC and LF! Have a great day!
    Heather @

  5. Love it! Pinned this. Your son is so cute when he's all dressed up to help Dad.

    1. Thank you, I think so, too :-) (Except it's my brother in law, not my hubby!!)

  6. I love this! I wish we could do this in our place now, but we rent. I'm definitely going to save your project for when we get a house! It's such a great project and I love the cover for the fuse box!

  7. really nice!!!

    maría from spain

  8. this is great! We are working on one for our laundry room now:)

  9. your "mudroom" rocks! Totally wish I had a wall to do that!!!

  10. So jealous of your board and batten and love your little helper! Thanks so much for linking and grabbing a button. Good luck!

  11. What a beautiful mudroom for your home. thanks for sharing.

  12. Whoa, you guys certainly didn't phone this one in. Looks great!

  13. This is amazing!!! And your little guy reminds me of mine. Really, this is a beautiful job. Thanks so much for linking up to the party!

  14. Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick -- great use of space!

  15. That looks fantastic. I have been wanting to do something like that behind my I really want to get busy!

  16. Very pretty! I am trying to find inspiration for a hallway "mudroom" area and this is exactly what I want. It looks very do-able!