Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fabric for Dining Room Curtains

We are currently in search mode for some new fabric to make dining room curtains. The ones we have now are maroon and gold - very traditional and not at all my style. We got them a few years ago, I think I picked them out because I knew the hubby would like them. :-) His taste is much more conservative and formal than mine so I know this is going to be a challenge.

I would like something with color to brighten up the space, preferably with a geometric type print. He would like something rather plain and muted. We were both off this weekend so we went to a few fabric stores but there wasn't anything that we agreed on, or rather I should say, nothing we agreed on that was in our price range i.e. not $75 a yard!

So now I'm looking online at different swatches. Here are some I picked out at fabric.com:
(Sorry for the mis-aligned swatches, I can't seem to figure out why they are not lining up properly. Boo.)

Covington Windsor Mariner ($12.98/yard)
Premier Prints Twill Gotcha Girly Blue ($7.98/yard)

Dwell Studio Bella Porte Charcoal ($18.98/yard)
Waverly Ellis Turquoise ($9.98/yard)
Waverly Cross Section Charcoal ($13.98/yard)

Swavelle/Mill Creek  Felton River ($8.98/yard)
Swavelle/Mill Creek Oskar Sea ($8.98/yard)
Premier Prints Key West Village Blue/Natural ($7.48/yard)

These are more my hubby's style. The first one is actually not too bad. I would try to do something to pull the blue out of it, but the second one... definitely not going to make it past the first round of cuts!
P Kaufmann Vassar Paisley Horizon ($14.98/yard)
Waverly Synergy Jacquard Sienna ($22.98/yard)

So what to do?? How does one convince their more traditional spouse that something more contemporary is the way to go? I guess if we had a very large formal dining room that would be one thing... But our dining room is used very often for family and friends to get together. And I mean we use it every. single. week. And 3 out of 4 weekends a month we usually have company so I don't want to get anything too precious that will make me go crazy if some food gets on it.

What do you suggest? What are your fabric picks? Do you ever disagree with your hubby about design decisions?

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  1. It sounds like me and my husband, but he has your taste, and I would choose your husband's! My hubby chose most of the decor for our house and I'm really happy with it (although we have so much more to do)! Contemporary would be the ultimate decision-maker for us!