Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Thanks for bearing with me while I took some time to spend with my family before the start of school. Here are some pictures from our time in Hershey, PA.

The famous "Kissing Tower"

Granted, this was the kiddie scrambler so it wasn't such a big deal that the kids had their hands up, but my daughter was tall enough for the regular scrambler and her hands were up on that also!!

Good thing the kids take after their mom in their love for rides, and not their father.... Two guesses who was screaming on this one :-)

The place where we went mini-golfing in Harrisburg had this incredible sign:

We visited Hershey Gardens which was unbelievably gorgeous! This was in the butterfly house.

We even got to watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis!

At the end of vacation - kids are couch potatoes and hubby is hard at work!

Tomorrow is the big day and we are all excited! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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