Sunday, April 29, 2012

There's a Jungle Out There

You've seen quite a few updates of our front yard, but our backyard has kind of been no-man's-land. The neighbor behind us doesn't seem to care much for taking care of his back yard. If not for the fence between our properties, I can't imagine what kind of state our yard would be in. Here are some photos so you can see that I'm not exaggerating.

Admittedly, the day lillies are on our side of the fence, but I've hated them since the day we bought the house and had every intention of removing them.

There is so much shrubbery, vines, and tree limbs that have encroached onto our property that we just had to take matters into our own hands.

This is one of the many reasons why I love my hubby:

And from the other side:

Those day lillies are actually on the neighbor's side of the fence, even though it may look otherwise, but some of the leaves are poking through to our side. It makes me wonder where the flowers actually originated from...

There's still a little more work to be done but wow, what a difference. I don't even want to plant anything else back there. You can see that our yard is rather small and all that foliage made it look even smaller. We do have a smallish swing set off to the side, but the kids still do most of their playing in the front yard. We also did a lot of work on our vegetable garden so stay tuned for another update, as well as some dining room changes in the works.

We spent Sunday afternoon at the baseball game. They had a special parade for the area Little League teams before the game started, the kids got to meet the team mascot and high-five the players. Our seats weren't the greatest, but there were big smiles all around!

What were you busy with over the weekend? Did you have a chance to enjoy the great weather?

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