Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calling in Sick

No, I haven't gone and taken another break. That is, not by choice. I mysteriously came down with strep throat and have been in agony the past few days. When I first started not feeling well, I thought it was just a virus or the flu because I felt so sick and achy that I didn't even want to move from the couch; the sore throat was only secondary.

After a couple days, though, I started to feel a little better, but my throat was killing and I knew there was something else going on. I finally dragged myself out to get a throat culture and sure enough it came back positive for strep. I'm on meds now so I can actually swallow without grimacing and cringing, but it still hurts.

Needless to say, everything else has been placed on the back burner until I get better, but I'd love to hear about what you've been working on so please share!

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